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Ofia Skin was dreamt up by its founder, during the jubilant, yet delicate trimesters of her pregnancy. She yearned for access to a trove of skincare products that were high quality, effective, but also for exactly where she was in that moment: preparing to bring new life into the world. 

Patrice experienced rapid changes to her skin during pregnancy including hyperpigmentation, dryness and pregnancy acne along with overall sensitivity to majority of skincare products. This prompted her to create her own bespoke products.

With an openness to the possibilities and a quiet determination, Patrice sourced a team of industry experts to assist in formulating her unique recipe of high quality products that could truly embody self love and skin fulfilment. After dedicating endless hours towards her vision, Ofia Skin emerged (named after her daughter Sofia), ready to serve those in all chapters of life who craved high quality skincare that transcends limitations set by skin type or circumstance. Because skincare should be able to be accessible and enable us to truly put our best face forward. 

A note from our Founder

I believe that everyone deserves products that can enrich our skin, but never at the expense of safety or results. Products made with first class ingredients that work with the skin and are purified of any unnecessary nasties or chemicals, leaving only the bare essentials that our skin is yearning for to help nourish it for years to come. 

Whether it was for pregnancy or not, I knew that looking after my skin was an integral part of my self-care and confidence, a feeling of which I know I am not alone in. 

Ofia exists simply, with a dedication to initiating self-love in your day with radiance enhancing, perfectly formulated skincare. Ofia Skin is my labour of love and I hope it helps you to put your best face forward everyday.

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