A guide to winter skincare

A guide to winter skincare

Warm cups of tea, hot soups, a blazing open fire place & cosy nights in with loved ones. There is actually plenty to love about the colder winter months! the downside? sometimes a seasonal shift can cause disruption and negative changes in the appearance and behaviour of our skin.

During the colder months, our skin is vulnerable to dryness and dehydration which can be caused by colder weather, overheated indoor spaces like offices or the home and hot showers & baths which strip our skin or essential natural oils.

So let’s explore winter skincare tips and the formulation science behind So Bright Serum, which effectively hydrates and nourishes the skin.


Hydrating Humectants

In skin care, hydrating ingredients are often described as ‘humectants’ and these ingredients play an important role in hydration: they attract water from the environment, and draw it to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol and Glycerin are among the humectants we use in So Bright Serum.

Other hydration-boosting ingredients include Saccharide Isomerate which is effective in binding closely to the skin & Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice has been used medicinally for several thousands of years in many cultures and is also known as an excellent hydrating ingredient.


Nourishing Antioxidants

Antioxidants play a crucial role in the health of the entire body: they provide fortification against free radicals. This damage can compromise the skin’s barrier function, exacerbating moisture loss. Incorporating antioxidant ingredients into your everyday skincare can help to support and nourish skin.


Niacinamide is one of skincare’s most versatile ingredients and boasts antioxidant properties among its many talents. Niacinamide is unique because, in addition to acting as an antioxidant itself, it also increases the antioxidant potential of the skin. In fact, it supports your skin in a way that allows it to produce more of its own antioxidants. 

As far as what else niacinamide can do for your skin, it would almost be easier to list out what it can’t do. Niacinamide has been shown to decrease redness and blotchiness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out hyperpigmentation, and improve skin barrier function by preventing transepidermal water loss.

Licorice Root Extract is very powerful antioxidant thanks to Glycyrrhizin which is an acid found in licorice root. It also Helps Reduce Hyperpigmentation which means the dark spots and uneven skin tone is a condition called hyperpigmentation. It occurs when the skin produces more melanin in certain areas than in others. While melanin production is quite complex, it does involve the enzyme tyrosinase. Licorice root extract has been shown to slow or even stop tyrosinase production, which can help reduce hyperpigmentation.

Another antioxidant found in So Bright Serum is Salix Alba Bark (White Willow) Extract which is naturally derived from the bark of the white willow, this amazing antioxidant promotes gentle exfoliation and cellular turnover. It is an essential ingredient for smooth, soft, and brighter skin.

Winter steps for glowing winter skin

1. Cleanser
An oil based/creamy cleanser can be helpful for winter skin care, as it can help to remove excess dirt and oil without stripping away moisture.

2. Exfoliation
Exfoliation is important for all skin types, but it’s especially important in winter, as dead skin cells can build up and make your skin look dull. Be sure to use a gentle exfoliator, as harsh scrubs can strip away natural oils and leave skin feeling dry and irritated.

3. Face serum
A serum like So Bright Serum can also be beneficial for winter skin care, as it can help to boost hydration levels. Face serums like So Bright Serum are rich in antioxidants and actives that can add plenty of moisture and nourishment to the skin.

4. Moisturiser
A good quality moisturiser is key to keeping your skin hydrated in winter as this will help to lock in moisture.

5. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is important in summer, but it’s especially important in winter, as the sun’s rays can be less noticeable and cause damage to the skin.

We invite you to reach out if you have any questions about So Bright Serum or anything else skincare related. Stay Warm!


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